Monday, 28 October 2013

Are you in?

Well.... as I said earlier..."I'm just a one-man band"  and I'm making this website by myself... with no help from anyone. In some ways that makes things easier, but as I have my own business to run, the posts at first will be sketchy.

The point of this website, for me, is to help to get some traffic going to suppliers websites and hopefully some business from it.

From the Bride and Groom point of view, it's a one stop directory of local and trusted businesses and as they haven't paid me a penny, it's an impartial listing (wherever possible). I refuse however to add people and businesses if I hear any bad press about them, as this tarnishes everyone!

I'm intending to send out emails to all those listed so I can run profile days where I can feature a local business and you, other businesses and couples can get to know people more.


I need interaction for YOU!

Whether you are a business
or a couple,
I need your interaction on this 

Please talk to me! ....
Both suppliers and Couples,
I need your interaction! 


Businesses need to know about their clients,
without knowing what people want and what issues they have
then businesses can't offer the best service!


I need to know
what problems and issues YOU face,
so I and the others can help you.!

At the end of the day....
the more you interact,
the more you will get out of it!

I've paid for only 1 year for this domain to continue
and I am prepared to put in most of the work...
but I need help and support to do this.

Are you in???

Either leave a comment below
or comment on our FB page...
if you are too shy for either...
then email me at

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