Wednesday, 23 October 2013

When to send out Wedding Invites

Question from Bride:
"When do I send out Wedding Invitations?"

Well, not so very long ago, the standard answer would have been 6-8 weeks before the Wedding, but times have changed. 

Other factors to take into account these days are: 

Work and Lifestyle: People have busy lives and are usually planning what little time they have off, months in advance.

Hotels: Many weddings take place in locations now rather than in Churches  and many of these locations offer a package deal. Hotels in particular are keen to know final numbers, well before the Wedding date.

Distant Families: Many family's no longer live close by and are spread right across the country. If the Wedding is to be held at location not close to family and especially during holiday times, there may be a problem with accommodation. 

Stationery: For those Brides who want something that extra special, rather than 'Off the Peg' Stationery, you need to know that many of us are booked up well in advance, not only with Wedding Invitations but 'On the Day' items as well. I myself, took 13 Wedding Orders in January and as you can imagine there are only so many hours in a day and so many weeks in a Month. So getting your order in as early as possible is imperative if you find stationery you particularly like. 

So.... my answer to this would be:
As soon as possible! Especially if your 
Wedding is during busy, holiday periods.

I suggest 6 months is a good idea.

Also.... the sooner you get them out,
the sooner you have one less thing to think about 
and can get on with the rest of your planning. 

In my experience, the sooner you get them out,
the more time you will have for chasing up 
the people who lag at replying to your invite. 

What do you think?

How soon before the Wedding 
did YOU send out your cards?

If you are not already married, 
when are you planning 
to send out your cards?

It will be interesting to know what others think 
Add a comment below or email me 

(c) Sue Simpson

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