Friday, 11 October 2013

I'm just a one-man-band!

 I really have enough to do already... but to hell with it! I set this website and blog up for a reason.
and I'm giving it another shot! To promote local businesses and connect them with Brides and Grooms.... a sort of one-stop-shop!


Well... I've had a long hard think about this... and have decided that I *WILL* continue with this blog and website. I have to admit, running my own business and website as well as wanting somewhere to showcase some of North Yorkshire's finest and most dedicated Wedding Suppliers got a little overwhelming... especially as I do this single handedly, pay for it myself and ask for no advertising fees.

Building a website takes effort and a pretty good degree of understanding of how to get traffic to the website, how to keep people there and how to encourage the clients to spend money local.

This website and blog gets too many hits to give it up!

All this is done with no financial reward for me. I did it because I have faith in the people I recommend and like to see people who start their businesses with passion and dedication succeed and I like to see couples get exactly what they want, from people who will generally go out of their way to make the day perfect!

I am not an advertising site who takes large sums of money from people and really couldn't care less what quality their good are or how the perform as providers... Nope... in short.. I CARE! I care about the Brides and the reputation of the industry.  Brides and Grooms are my number 1 concern and I am committed to still going ahead with this site, for them as much as anyone else.

I expect that the people you will find on this site to offer the very BEST available and if I hear otherwise there will be hell to pay.

So... while I get my act together and strip this blog and website right back to it's bare bones... please bear with us, and join us on our Facebook page!

North Yorkshire Weddings and Weddings North Yorkshire 
and now both merged into one, are owned by me Sue Simpson
and can be found under the one website 

thanks for your patience during this time.
 Sue Simpson

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